Who am I? 


Hi! I'm a designer in Oakland/SF with a specialty in behavioral design and complex enterprise systems.

I'm experienced in working through any stage of the product development process, from project planning to research to pixel tweaking. I'm currently growing my skills in front-end development.

I thrive when working with a passionate team on projects that solve real problems for real people. I'm particularly interested in working on opportunities around law, politics, health, education, resource management and utilities.

In my free time you will find me biking around the Bay Area, reading, working on personal projects, juggling, dancing, working with various non-profits and traveling to visit my spread out family and friends. 

My confusing accent comes from growing up in the lush countryside of the the South of England, spending my early teenage years in the Blue Ridge Mountains and ending up in Oakland, CA. These days I split my time between the Bay Area and NY.


Phone: (510) 852-0538

E-mail: Aaron.joshua.stevens@gmail.com