Design should be quality. 

I believe that quality is when the detailed elements of the creation fit together seamlessly as a polished whole. I strive to not only create a quality form, but to create a quality ecosystem; a quality ecosystem of ideas, relationships, structure, sequence and language. This quality should be reflected in the way it enlivens and empowers all kinds of people. I believe that looking at any design problem without considering the intricacies of its effects and connections considerably lessens the designs impact.

I bring this philosophy into my professional design work. From visual interaction design to system modeling to storytelling, I will constantly seek to provide a high level of craft and quality. Professionally I have worked on projects for large companies like Amazon, CNN Digital, Patagonia and Visa and startups like Zite, BryteBytes and Phytel. Currently I am working as a freelancer for a few startups and focusing on my thesis work.

I grew up in the lush countryside of the the South of England, spent my early teenage years in the Blue Ridge Mountains and since my mid-teenage years I have been in Berkeley and Oakland, CA. I currently attend California College of the Arts where I am studying Interaction Design.

In my spare time you will find me biking around the Bay Area, reading, working on personal projects, juggling, dancing, working with various non-profits and traveling to visit my spread out family and friends. 

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Phone: (510) 852-0538

E-mail: Aaron.joshua.stevens@gmail.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/aaron-stevens/50/56/82b

Client List

  • Amazon

  • BryteBytes

  • CCA Grad Design

  • CNN Digital

  • Hylo

  • Jawbone

  • Patagonia

  • Phytel

  • Snibbe Studio

  • TOTL

  • Visa

  • Zite