These past few days I have been synthesizing my research. 

I started by mapping out some of my data on sticky notes

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  • 1900 - institutions connected people to institutions 
  • 2000 - Institutions connected people to people 
  • 2020- People connect to People
  • Narrative humanizes and simplifies complex systems
  • People are only dedicated to things they don’t have complete trust in
  • A good decentralized system has a strong community
  • Most legal docs are consistent
  • Centralized systems means that everything falls apart easily
  • People do not care about legibility, they care about reputation.
  • Decentralized law = decentralized power
  • There is no accountability in free
  • Free and trustworthy products win
  • There needs to be a motive for regulators of a system
  • The is a movement with Dogma and Idealism
  • The systems (tools) of decentralized systems need to be decentralized if there is to be true decentralization
  • People we trust have the authority to tell us we are protected. 
  • Trust becomes more important with scale=
  • Consistency reveals malignancy
  • Users need to know if they are protected.


  • When law is in the hands of more people there is less abuse.
  • Transparent communities are good at regulating themselves.
  • Centralized systems are harder for communities to regulate.
  • People care more that they can trust something than read (understand) it.
  • Translations (interpretations) need to be linked to a source to feel trustworthy.
  • Fear for ones security drives the level of trust needed. 
  • When a system is opaque, it can be easily abused.
  • Decentralized systems thrive with a strong community.


  • A network of our legal relationships
  • Blockchain legal document network
  • Place signature with a blockchain
  • Layered legal interpretation
  • Block-chain contract signing
  • Community explainer lens for legal docs
  • View your legal network
  • A decentralized legal wikipedia
  • View your legal network
  • Walk-through for signing basic legal documents
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