Learnings from initial wireframes

I created some initial rough click-through wireframes that speedily manifested some of my models. 

Sebastian Reńe

Sebastian Reńe

Here are a few of my insights from prototyping and testing —

Assembling a legal document

  1. Complex task flows need to constantly focus the hierarchy on context 
  2. There needs to be a really clear differentiator between the assembly list and the pool of legal modules
  3. The concept of global modules needs to be better defined for the user
  4. There needs to be a consistent design language between modules, assembly lists, circumstances (mandatory changes) and adjustments (recommended changes)
  5. The idea that there is a single base document needs to be better communicated
  6. The utility of feedback needs to be clarified

Filling out a legal document

  1. The walkthrough experience is clear
  2. Its important to see what you filled out previously and to be able to have an overview at the end
  3. Trying to translate the legal language just confuses the user
  4. Highlighting what they are filling out in the legal document feels crucial
  5. It helps to have some sort of overview of what you are actually signing
  6. The manifestation of adjustments feels clear but its differentiation from circumstances needs to be better clarified
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