Product Designer
  User Researcher


Product Designer 
User Researcher

Work from Carta

2021 – 2022


Onboarding Home

Carta assigns an implementation manager to onboard each new company. The onboarding home looks to set clear expectations on the process and facilitate communication and review.

Work from OpenGov

2017 – 2021



A tool to help governments accurately calculate and plan their personnel costs. Translated what is usually 100's of pages of spreadsheets into a three page product.

Work from Opower



Rate Plan Comparison

Regulators are revamping energy rate plans to try and create new behaviors needed for a clean energy future. How might we help users understand their rate plan options and drive new behaviors?


Renewable Energy Balance

With the rise of residential solar and wind electricity generation, utilities are looking for ways to help customers understand the impact on their overall bill.

Since generation data is held by third-party companies, we were asked us to build a tool that educates customers on their usage with the limited data the utilities can provide.

Work from Jawbone



Smart Coach Vision

By tracking your sleep, steps, workouts, location and heart rate, UP's Smart Coach can provide personalized tips tailored to the user.

Details available on request.

Work from Dubberly Design Office



Amazon Media Store

Users can purchase, download and experience content from a myriad of sources through a variety of channels. I worked on a number of product pages across devices.

Details available on request.

Student Work from California College of the Arts

2011-2015, BFA in Interaction Design


Legal Canvas

The way legal documents are constructed is changing radically to become more like legally binding computer code. The challenge now, is how do we better connect these systems to human values.

Legal Canvas is a way of building legal documents that can interact with and regulate contracts that execute automatically.


Ambient Happiness Bus Stop

Using sound and light, Ambient Happiness transforms the bus stop from solitary waiting into a collaborative, creative experience.



Draft is a better way to write, manage and implement legislation. It makes legislation a living document up to date with our current standard of cloud documents.

Details available on request.